Venture Guides

Meet your Venture Guides.

When you are charting new waters or blazing new trails, to whom do you turn for help? If you are smart you turn to an experienced guide, someone who has been there before, someone who can guide you around the pitfalls, someone who will come alongside and work with you to achieve your goal. With the venture guides of Mark Squared, you get help. Real, knowledgeable, practical help. You get things done, you check things off your list. You spend your time where you need it. What sets Mark Squared apart is that we don't just tell you how to do it, we do it. We come alongside.

Mark Whitehouse

Nearly 30 years in Consumer Products with hands-on experience in Operations, Manufacturing, Organizational Effectiveness, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Financial Management and Product Development. Direct involvement with over 70 established consumer product brands across a wide range of product categories and life cycle stages. Successfully managed $1.3B companies to $10K brands – fully mature established mega-brands to garage based startups, 2500 employees to 1. Mark is a visionary with a practical grasp of the details necessary to make things happen. Now committed to guiding entrepreneurs and small business managers toward achieving their goals.

Mark Preston

Over 30 years in Consumer Products, actively developing and launching a broad range of more than 40 products into diverse channels. Led all phases of development from concept generation through product launch to the eventual re-stage of mature product lines. Strong credentials in Strategic Marketing, Product Development, Multi-channel Sales, Logistics and Organizational Development. Recognized in Advertising Age's Marketing 100 as one of the "best minds in marketing today". Mark is known as a strong and passionate advocate, and is looking for the next great product upon which he can leverage those attributes.

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