Getting someone to pay you for your idea or concept is the essence of selling.

And while the concept is actually quite simple, the execution can get very complicated. Building the capability to penetrate multiple channels, structuring effective trade-promotion programs, ensuring product availability through accurate forecasting are just a few of the challenges that every business faces.

Sales Force Structure

How you reach the ultimate consumer of your product can vary greatly based on the nature of your business. And one size does not fit all. Building the most effective and cost efficient sales organization is critical from the outset. Whether through internal account management, sales brokers, a distributor sales force, network marketing or often, a combination of these sales structures, building the right organization allows you to reach the most consumers.

Put the right organization in place to get sales rolling in from the start.

Channel Strategy

Regardless of the nature of your product or service, there will be multiple sales channels that can be leveraged to reach your target consumer. To maximize sales you will need to consider all channels, prioritize your best opportunities, then execute. At times, reaching the target through an alternative channel of distribution can help you break out. Typically, these channels compete with each other and can complicate your pricing, freight, promotion, sales force and other decisions.

Develop a winning go-to-market strategy from the outset.

Sales Promotion Strategy

The myriad of promotional programs leveraged by the trade is mind boggling, and when you meet with your customer it's often hard to tell who is selling whom. Regardless of the sales channels in which you operate, you will need to offer additional incentives from time to time. These can come in the form of promotional allowances, sales force incentives, trade show participation, cooperative advertising funds or even charitable contributions.

Our recommendations provide the most effective and efficient impact for the marketing funds spent, and are based on balancing ROI and customer relations.

Know when to say no.

Sales Forecasting

While it is often difficult to project future sales, and even more so with early-stage businesses, it is an important exercise, and critical to the projection of cash flow for the venture. Mark Squared will help you build fact based sales projections, and develop efficient sales forecasting regimens that continue to fine tune the accuracy of your forecast as sales progress.

While you'll never be 100% right, you will be prepared.

Sales Systems

Often overlooked, the implementation of a simple, easy to use sales reporting system will save a lot of effort and avoid unnecessary duplication as your business grows. The right forms, the right reports and the right access and storage will provide you the information you need to manage your customers, forecast sales and improve your customer service.

The sales information you capture is a rich resource that adds value not only within your company but with customers as well. We'll show you how to leverage your information to advance your venture.

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