You have an idea – you have a customer. Now you have to make it and deliver it.

Operations are the functions that turn a sale into a profit. Mark Squared will guide you to maximum profitability while maintaining flexibility.

Cost Management

After sales, cost control has the most immediate impact on your profitability. Knowing your costs, not just the direct variable costs but the fully loaded indirect costs, is critical to effectively lowering costs and increasing your profitability.

Mark Squared is passionate about squeezing out cost. We identify primary cost drivers then find alternative suppliers or systems with lower costs. We can help you buy better, increase your flexibility and reduce your material inventory. We track key items, report and predict variances and build clear quality specifications. Mark Squared can eliminate redundancies and identify affordable automation opportunities.

Cost reduction is your first and best source of cash.

Inventory Control

Optimizing inventory requires walking a fine line. Too much inventory and you are sitting on cash. Too little inventory and you lose sales. Managed correctly, inventory control frees up cash and avoids wasteful obsolescence drain.

With knowledge, you can establish the right level of inventory, that magical efficient inventory quantity. Working with your suppliers, we can help shorten order lead time, negotiate buy and hold agreements and improve procurement forecasting. Mark Squared will analyze your sales, build accurate item forecasts, shorten order delivery cycles, anticipate seasonal and promotional cycles and establish item inventory targets. We will review, age and value your current inventory eliminating old, expired and obsolete items. And we are not afraid to discontinue items that are not earning their space.

Having the right inventory is liberating, it encourages your sales force to sell hard.

Order Fulfillment

How you service customer orders speaks volumes about the quality of your company. With order fulfillment you make a first and lasting impression on your customer. And accuracy and documentation facilitate collections. After all, a sale is not a sale until the check clears.

Mark Squared will design an order entry system sized for your needs. We can help you integrate this system with your inventory, cash receivables and sales reporting systems. We will help you build customer files and anticipate customer requests. Simple and accurate, these tools and disciplines will reduce errors, minimizing time and goodwill lost resolving problems.

You work hard to get the order, finish the job so you get the next order.


Bright as you are, you cannot know everything. The wise man seeks out the expert. Outsourcing enables you to focus on your strengths and use the strengths of others to advance your business. Outsourcing will preserve capital, increase your capacity for rapid growth and expand your company expertise. You will learn from the right outsourcing partner and together you will be a stronger entity.

Mark Squared believes that outsourcing is the business model of the future – you can buy better help than you can grow. So we help you find the right partner, one of like mind with capacity and capability to grow. We will negotiate supply and service agreements that protect your intellectual property, share liability risks, guarantee quality and delivery of your specifications and provide the full slate of services you need. We build these partnerships for the long term with mutual incentives rewarding growth. And we find secondary sources to help spread your supply risks.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel - use it to accelerate your business.

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