Marketing is the art of getting people to know your product and services, and to appreciate them.

Creating a unique identity for your product that speaks to the desires of the target market and clearly differentiates it from the competition builds value for your business. Communicating that promise to potential consumers in a compelling fashion builds sales. Mark Squared leads you to establish a business or a brand that matters, that is distinctive, that is valued far beyond your balance sheet.

Strategic Marketing

Understanding how a product or service uniquely meets the needs of its target market is essential to the success of a business. Once clearly identified, you need a plan that gathers and marshals your company's resources to deliver the product in a way that achieves the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Set the table for success by developing an effective and scalable marketing strategy for your business.

Market Segmentation

All markets are segmented into groups of potential customers. Understanding these groups, and designing marketing programs to reach the different customer sets is critical to maximizing market penetration. Mark Squared can help you get the most out of your business with an in-depth market segmentation analysis.

If you can't win over all of them, then win over the best of them.

Brand Positioning

One of the most potent elements of the marketing mix, the differentiated positioning of a product from similar competitors, can go a long way toward adding value in the mind of the customer. Good branding confers an important advantage beyond competing on price alone - leading to higher profit margins. Developing a strong brand will also help gain rapid market acceptance and recognition when introducing new items.

Develop a strong brand positioning that clearly conveys your product's unique advantage.

Product Development

Over the lifecycle of any product, development is a crucial and ongoing process. It begins with initial concept generation, proceeds through consumer testing and with any luck, on to market introduction. Development continues through product refinements brought on by technological advancements and competitive considerations, adjustments necessary to achieve higher profit margins, and into next generation line extensions and expansions that leverage brand equity. Product development and improvement are required throughout a product's life to maintain the health of the business.

We have deep and broad experience marshaling products throughout their lifecycle, and share a particular passion for the creative yet disciplined approach it takes for successful product development. A successful product never stops re-inventing itself.

Promotion and Advertising

While it's often the case that traditional advertising is out of reach for many early-stage enterprises, there are a number of innovative and creative ways to reach the target market in an efficient and cost effective manner.  A strong public relations campaign can be an effective and credible way to gain recognition. Sales promotion activities including trade shows, sampling programs and point-of-purchase displays can build awareness.

Perhaps most intriguing are the many opportunities available through new media including your own website, e-commerce sales channels, blogging and social media outlets such as Facebook, Linked in, Twitter and Groupon.

Get your message out.

Implementation Strategy

Having the best plans in the world won't mean a thing if they're not implemented correctly. It's often the case with early-stage enterprises that there simply isn't the organizational horsepower available to launch and coordinate the myriad activities it takes to aggressively move the business forward on a daily basis. Financial constraints and prudence both suggest staffing up based on need - not just projection, and compensation burdens often drain the lifeblood out of a business before it can gain the momentum needed for success.

With Mark Squared Venture Guides we offer our clients a virtual executive organization at a fraction of the cost. We work with you, inside your business, from the start to help not only with the planning but with the active implementation (and often fine-tuning) of the strategies.  Mark Squared allows you to project a stronger organizational footprint and access broad functional expertise long before you can afford it. You get effective and efficient organizational capacity when you need it most.

Mark Squared can help you strike a balance between the tyranny of now and your vision for tomorrow.

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