It's all about the numbers and you have to know them, predict them, explain them and deliver them.

Mark Squared dives deep into the details and will bring your financial performance to life.

Forecasting and Projections

Few take comfort in the adage that if you don't know where you are going, you will always get there. An accurate forecast integrated with detailed financial projections is critical to successfully managing your business.  Increasing your predictability will improve your appeal to capital partners.  And nothing makes your partners, your employees and your customers happier than "hitting the numbers" – delivering the plan.

We build simple, easy to use, granular level projection models.  We start small, with spreadsheets you understand and inputs that are readily available.  Then we help you grow into more sophisticated integrated management systems as you need them.

Mark Squared believes that delivering the long term financial projection is the result of delivering each short term forecast. So Mark Squared models are designed to be useful tools in the everyday management of your business. We can help you know where you are and, just as importantly, where you are not.

Item and Customer Profitablity

You have limited capital – human and financial. So you need to employ your limited capital where it does the most to advance your business. And how can you do this if you are not sure what items and which customers are the most profitable?

At Mark Squared we help you see the trees for the forest. We understand that your biggest customer is not necessarily your best and that your legacy items are not necessarily your most profitable. Using simple and practical tools we can help you face reality and then do something about it.

Mark Squared will help you know your customers and your products better.

Marketing ROI Analysis

In no line on your income statement is so much money spent with so little tangible evidence of return as with marketing.  Yet without marketing your business will wither and die. Marketing performance metrics are confusing, results are often situational, costs are extraordinary and we are required to act on faith more than fact.

At Mark Squared we do not profess to have all the answers. But we can help you eliminate choices, navigate through the wide list of marketing tactics and improve your return on marketing spending. We set up tests, and measure controlled results. Armed with facts, you can execute your best marketing plans with confidence.

You deserve to know what you are spending and why.

Cash Flow Management

All resources are scarce but none more than cash. And you can work around a lot of shortages but there is no substitute for cash. Knowing where and when your cash is coming and where and when your cash is going is the primary mission of today's small business manager. And you know that a business that fails to generate cash fails.

At Mark Squared, we do not print money but we can help you hold on to yours. We are tireless in our efforts to conserve cash, from the mundane elements like terms of sale, to more involved efficient inventory management to sophisticated collateralized lines of credit and service swaps. We build custom cash management tools then thoroughly monitor and analyze where your cash is going, where you are "leaking" cash, when to plan for the inevitable "crunch" and when to invest your hard earned cash.

It takes cash to grow – lots of cash. Mark Squared can help you manage this growth without fear.

Capital and Credit

Finding, securing and servicing your capital needs is a full time job, one that takes you away from the mission of building your business. At every point it feels like someone has their hand in your pocket – more equity, more control, more security, more information. You need help, something like a firewall, to manage this critical relationship.

Mark Squared gets deals done. We have raised multiple rounds of capital and worked the process from the initial fishing expedition to the final money in the bank. We can help you evaluate alternative forms of capital, find the right kind of capital for your business, negotiate to achieve mutually advantageous terms and accelerate the process to secure funds. After all, you have a business to run.

Mark Squared can help you prepare your business to compete for capital with a polished prospectus and a tight Executive Summary. We know it's hard to give up a piece of what you have worked so hard to build or to stomach the risk that comes with balloon principal payments. We can help you build a network of capital partners and set reasonable time and value expectations.

Your capital should work for you, not the other way around.

Acquisitions and Divestitures

After generating cash, growth is the strongest measure of business strength. You can grow organically by building a strong brand, extending your product line and increasing your customer base or you can grow through strategic acquisition. You need to do both.

Mark Squared can help you identify and qualify logical acquisition candidates. We quantify synergies, build consolidation models, evaluate fit and determine fair valuation. As your agent, we can maintain confidentiality, prepare the offer and negotiate the acquisition terms. Mark Squared will perform due diligence and "kick the tires" to assure substance. And when the deal is done, we stick around to bring it in, providing transition assistance.

Critical to personal financial success is knowing when to walk away. Plan your exit strategy now. Mark Squared can help identify potential buyers, prepare a polished prospectus highlighting the strengths of your business, support buyers due diligence and negotiate the sale to maximize your return.

Walk in or walk away with confidence.

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