Strategic Services

Mark Squared has deep cross-functional management experience in multiple Fortune 100 companies. We leverage this experience to guide your business.


Creating a unique identity for your product that speaks to the desires of the target market and clearly differentiates it from the competition builds value for your business. Communicating that promise to potential consumers in a compelling fashion builds sales. Mark Squared leads you to establish a business or a brand that matters, that is distinctive, that is valued far beyond your balance sheet.

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It's all about the numbers and you have to know them, predict them, explain them and deliver them. Mark Squared dives deep into the details and will bring your financial performance to life. We build simple, easy to use tools to help you stay on top of the numbers.

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While the concept is actually quite simple, the execution can get very complicated. Building the capability to penetrate multiple channels, structuring effective trade-promotion programs, ensuring product availability through accurate forecasting are just a few of the challenges that every business faces.

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You have an idea – you have a customer. Now you have to make it and deliver it. Operations are the functions that turn a sale into a profit. Mark Squared will guide you to maximum profitability while maintaining flexibility.

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